Read Richard Branson's inspiring letter to a nine-year-old girl with dyslexia

After receiving a letter from a nine-year-old with dyslexia, one of the busiest businessmen in the world took time out to write her a note back.

Honor Smith wrote to Sir Richard Branson to say she'd been inspired by a video he'd posted on his blog that showed dyslexic people in a positive rather than a negative light.

She wrote that upon first hearing she had dyslexia she thought her "life was ruined" but the videos had made her "much more confident at school".

Branson, the dyslexic entrepreneur who founded Virgin, sent a handwritten letter back that we're sure will inspire Honor even more:

Dear Honor,

Thanks for your delightful letter. It is so nice to receive a handwritten note that I thought I'd write one back! Also so glad to hear you enjoyed the videos.

Don't ever let people put you down for being dyslexic. Being dyslexic is actually an advantage and has helped me greatly in life.

I look forward to hearing what great things you've achieved in life.

Best wishes to you and the family.

Much love, Richard Branson

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