In a highly anticipated grudge match at the British Open, the 12-time women’s world champion snooker player Reanne Evans was in a bit of an awkward situation.

She didn’t bump fists with her opponent Mark Allen before their round despite him initiating it.

Why? He also happens to be the father of her child, and in 2008, the couple had a bitter break up.

As a result, their meeting on the snooker table was coined the “Battle of the Exes.”

Reportedly, a disagreement about child support has caused the two to have a somewhat tense relationship.

The intensity of the friction was apparent throughout the game in front of onlookers.

People on social media didn’t hesitate to give their two cents on the scene.

“That was cold,” someone wrote.

“This is absolutely hilarious. How on earth have they drawn each other?” another added.

Someone else made a joke about her maintenance pay increasing and wrote, “Surely him winning means her maintenance goes up anyway?”

Check out some other responses below.

In the end, Allen was victorious in the match against Evans with a score of 3-2. Now, he said he never wants to compete against the women’s world champion ever again but thought she played “really well.”

“I thought Reanne played really, really well the first three-and-a-half frames and was just unfortunate with a cannon not to go on and win 3-1. But I just hung in there and then made a one-visit in the last,” Allen said.

Refusing to comment on why she chose not to exchange fist bumps with Allen at first, Evans then said she was instructed not to start with “handshakes or anything” and that she went “straight to the table” to play the game.

“No one wanted that match, but you have to respect the top players. I am absolutely gutted, but I am really proud at the same time. Hopefully, more girls and women start playing snooker and realise that they can do it as well,” Evans said.

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