Donald Trump's communications team let him loose on Twitter again over the weekend and the results were even more disastrous than usual.

As well as his usual attacks on opponents, retweeting sycophantic praise and endless CAPS LOCK RANTING, the Donald also re-posted a patently false meme showing murder statistics across the US.

While critics accused him of pushing a "racist" agenda, many media outlets in the US were quick to point out the more rudimentary problems with this tweet.

For starters, while Trump's image suggests 81 per cent of white murders are perpetrated by black people, official FBI statistics show that in reality it is only 14 per cent (82.3 per cent are killed by other white people). And secondly, San Francisco does not actually have a "crime statistics bureau".

Despite his increasingly divisive rhetoric Trump is still the leading Republican candidate ahead of next year's elections.

While a lot were ready to swallow his false statistics on homicide, many heroic souls on Twitter were thankfully clogging up his feed to point out what a figure of buffoonery he has become.

The response was swift

Some replied with poop emoji

Others were just downright frustrated

When people said "let's assume the stats are fake, why would a presidential candidate risk his credibility", the answers were brutally honest

Others guided him in the direction of the correct statistics

Which he hasn't retweeted yet.

Some were just downright sweary

The man who may well be the next president of the United States was even fact-checked by someone who goes by the name "Curly Fries"

Hang in there America.

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