Conspiracy theorists think Rihanna's Vogue cover 'emasculates' A$AP Rocky

Conspiracy theorists think Rihanna's Vogue cover 'emasculates' A$AP Rocky
Rihanna and ASAP Rocky Expecting Their Pregnant Second Child After Showing off …

Conspiracy theorists have become obsessed with the front cover of British Vogue featuring Rihanna, A$AP Rocky carrying their infant son, believing it emasculates the rapper.

Rihanna, who made headlines last weekend at the Super Bowl when she revealed to the world that she is expecting a second child, appears on the cover walking in front of A$AP Rocky who is carrying their child as the family walks along a beach.

At first glance, the magazine's cover (a publication that is aimed at women, we should add) doesn't appear to be too controversial as it is merely hyping Rihanna's first sit-down interview since she became a mother in 2022. However, the framing of the photograph is what has gotten some folks up in arms.

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Rihanna is pictured out in front of A$AP Rocky, leading him by the hand as he holds their baby, who he is kissing on the forehead and looks loving and fatherly. In comparison, Rihanna has a more serious expression on her face and she confidently strides ahead.

Numerous individuals have since claimed that this cover is emasculating A$AP Rocky, with some going into great detail to emphasise their point.

There has been pushback to these theories and claims, most notably from Florida state representative Angie Nixon who wrote: "I see a thriving Black Family and a supportive partner/father."

This isn't the only controversy that the Vogue article has created. Rihanna was forced to respond to trolls on Instagram, who were angry that she called her nine-month-old baby "fine" after sharing images from the photoshoot.

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