Russell Brand met Trump Jr despite being a called a 'major loser' by his dad

Russell Brand met Trump Jr despite being a called a 'major loser' by his dad
Russell Brand mocks CNN’s Brian Stelter

Time does heal all wounds.

Russell Brand has seemingly put his differences aside with the Trump family as he posed for a photograph with Donald Trump Jr and Kimberly Guilfoyle this past weekend.

On Saturday, Guilfoyle posted an Instagram smiling alongside her fiancé and Brand.

Brand, 47, ran into the Trump family while attending the grand opening of Rumble’s new headquarters in Sarasota, Florida.

“Naturally couldn’t resist a pic with the incomparable #AldousSnow,” Guilfoyle wrote in her Instagram caption referencing Brand’s role of Aldous Snow in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

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Brand, Trump Jr, and Guilfoyle have shows on Rumble.

On Brand’s show, Stay Free with Russell Brand, the actor often speaks about conspiracy theories - frequently having to do with Covid-19, current events, and more.

Initially, Brand started his show on YouTube but he moved to the Rumble platform after one of his videos was taken down for medical misinformation pertaining to Covid-19.

Despite their intertwined history, it seems Brand and Trump Jr agree on their right to free speech on a platform like Rumble.

Brand had a public feud with Trump Jr’s father, Donald Trump, back in 2014.

When the former president was active on Twitter, he insulted Brand by calling him a “major loser” and asking, “what the hell do people see in Russell" after seeing him on a late-night talk show.

Brand responded by mocking Trump’s hair and pointing out that he was not a self-made businessman as his father loaned him millions of dollars.

The two's Twitter spat continued for a while with Trump insulting Brand's ex-wife, Katy Perry, for marrying him and Brand tweeting criticising article at Trump.

But this weekend's meetup with Trump Jr and Guilfoyle reminds some people that Brand has made moves from the center-left toward the center-right of the political spectrum since his spat with Trump in 2014.

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