America’s first trans senator Sarah McBride perfectly clapped back at a troll who asked ‘are you a boy or girl?’
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Sarah McBride made history when she was voted in as the first transgender state senator in American history.

In November, she overwhelmingly beat her Republican opponent in a relatively one-sided battle for Delaware’s 1st district.

McBride got 73 per cent of the vote, whereas her rival Steve Washington only got 27 per cent of it.

Her impressive victory was also historic in more than one way.By winning, she also became the first out LGBTQ+ person in Delaware’s state legislature.

While McBride is clearly out there breaking barriers, she’s also showing everyone how social media is done.

On Monday, the state senator-elect masterfully crafted the perfect clapback.

She shared a screenshot with a Twitter message she’d received from an online troll.

That person wrote: “I am confused, are you a boy or girl?”

Instead of turning a blind eye to the ignorant message, McBride replied brilliantly.

She simply responded: “I’m a senator.”

How’s that for a comeback?

Unsurprisingly, people were thrilled with her simple but effective response.

One person replied: “DAMN! Sarah McBride? More like Sarah McShade and I’m here for it.”

Another wrote: “Shade level: senatorial.”

We look forward to more epic comebacks in the future!

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