Seth Rogen accidentally showed up high to Adele's One Night Only special

Actor Seth Rogen has pleaded with a fan to stop doing a bizarre cigar stunt to be noticed by him.

Thanks to social media, we’ve never felt closer to our favourite celebrities. But, some fans have been known to take things a little too far in order to be noticed by them.

One man who went to extreme lengths to get a celebrity stoner to notice him had to be stopped by Seth Rogen over fears he would do damage to himself.

The fan was on a quest to get a social media response from either Seth Rogen, Snoop Dogg or Wiz Khalifa.

As part of his stunt that lasted 43 days until Rogen intervened, the man took videos of himself with lit cigars stuck up each nostril as well as two in his ears.

To top the video off, he then threw a lit cigar in the air and caught it in his mouth.

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In the video, the man said: “Day forty-three of trying to get Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa or Seth Rogen to notice me.”

Thankfully, Rogen came to the man’s rescue and begged him not to continue the bizarre stunt.

Responding on Twitter, Rogen urged: “Dear god man I’m noticing you! Stop! You don’t have to proceed to the next holes!”

Rogen fans were tickled by the response, and many said they read it in the actor’s voice.

Replying to the tweet, one person wrote: “I can sleep peacefully knowing my man got noticed by Seth Rogen.”

Another wrote: “I literally can hear him perfectly in my head saying this frantically lmfaoooo.”

Someone else said: “I kinda want to see what happened the first 42 days. How did we get here?”

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