Disney star Skai Jackson criticised for asking fans to send her money to enter a raffle

Disney star Skai Jackson criticised for asking fans to send her money to enter a raffle
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A former Disney child star sparked criticism after charing her young online fans in order to enter a raffle.

Skai Jackson faced backlash from some fans who disagreed with the star charging fans $5 each to enter a raffle in which they could win a new MacBook laptop.

The 21-year-old actor rose to fame thanks to roles in the Disney shows Jessie and Bunk’d and according to reports has a net worth of $2 million.

So, fans were left confused when Jackson went live on TikTok and asked followers to enter a raffle and pay $5 “for a chance to win a MacBook”.

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Jackson said: “I don’t know if you guys have been to school before, but I know I’ve been to school, and we used to have raffles all the time, where you get a ticket – it might be a physical ticket – but you put in $5, $2, whatever and you get a prize.”

In the live video, Jackson claimed the cost of entering the raffle would go towards the prize itself and, if there was any leftover money, it would go towards a follow-up giveaway “soon”.

She continued: “I do not need money,” adding, “Me personally, I do not need money. And I’m not saying this like, in a bragging way or anything … I’m just letting you guys know I do not personally need money, like, I am very fine in my life. I don’t need money.”

But, it seems that some were left unconvinced by her explanation of the raffle’s funding.

One person suggested: “If you ‘don’t need the money’ why not you just give the MacBook away.”

Another said: “‘The money goes towards the prize’… that’s not how raffles work mama.”

A winner of the Macbook raffle appeared to be chosen on 8 July as Jackson shared their Instagram handle and a screenshot of their conversation on her Twitter.

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