Snoop Dogg’s daughter says she made suicide attempt in mental health awareness Instagram post
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Cori Broadus, the youngest daughter of rap legend Snoop Dogg, recently posted about her mental health on Instagram and revealed she recently tried to end her own life.

Broadus, who also goes by the stage name CHOC has also made a name for herself within the music industry.

She has more than 496,000 followers on Instagram and released some musical tracks such as the song “With You” and “Daddy's Girl,” featuring none other than Snoop.

 In her latest Instagram post, Broadus got candid about the mental health issues she’s experienced for some time.

On Saturday she said that she attempted to take her own life recently, but is in better spirits now thanks to her family providing purpose in life.

“The last few weeks my mental has not been so great at one point I tried to end my life but you & my family really give me a purpose to live & helped me realize Iife is much more than materialistic things & you gotta just keep pushing through the bullsh*t. THANK YOU🤎... #mentalhealthawareness,” she captioned her post.

A day later, she posted another announcing that she would make a live video that goes into more detail about what she went through while also noting that everyone goes through things regardless of status.

“I really wanna talk about it more in depth, so y’all can fully understand everybody have problems just cause you rich or come from a rich family don’t mean you can’t go thru sh*t nor do you experience sh*t,” the caption read in part.

On Sunday, she ended up releasing an Instagram Live, talking about her experiences growing up and self-worth.

“I grew up with two light skin brothers; I was the only chocolate one. I got lupus at six, so I was overweight from being on steroids, and that just automatically messed with my health,” Broadus said.

She also noted that she questioned herself, wondering why this happened to her as she dealt with the pain and some bullying she experienced from people for her skin color and being overweight, which was heartbreaking.

Towards the end of the Instagram Live, she notes that every day is a struggle, but we can make “good times out of bad times.”

Broadus received enormous support from onlookers who praised her for being authentically herself and sharing an inspiring and hopeful message.

“I read your story a few years ago and I actually reposted your story because I wish you could see what I see you are soooo freakin beautiful no matter how dark your skin I see beauty, strength and God knew he could trust you with everything that your going through and I pray he gives you double for your troubles and I’m sure you are helping hundreds of people with your story keep pushing you have work to do 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😘,” wrote a commenter.

Broadus is the youngest of three children to Snoop Dogg and his wife Shante. Broadus has two older brothers Cordell and Cordae.

Wishing her continued healing and love during this time.

Check out the full Instagram Live video below.

If you are experiencing feelings of distress and isolation, or are struggling to cope, The Samaritans offers support; you can speak to someone free of charge over the phone, in confidence, on 116 123 (UK and ROI), email, or visit the Samaritans website to find details of your nearest branch.

If you are based in the USA, and you or someone you know needs mental health assistance right now, call National Suicide Prevention Helpline on 1-800-273-TALK (8255). The Helpline is a free, confidential crisis hotline that is available to everyone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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