Snoop Dogg called out for making an Uber Eats driver wait 8 minutes

Snoop Dogg called out for making an Uber Eats driver wait 8 minutes
Snoop Dogg calls out Uber Eats driver for failing to deliver food

Legendary rapper Snoop Dogg made his Uber Eats driver wait eight minutes - and now he's facing the heat from the internet.

In a video uploaded to Snoop's Instagram over the weekend, Snoop shared messages between him and the delivery driver. The Uber Eats employee can repeatedly be seen telling the rapper that he has arrived at the destination.

"Uber eats where my food at [several angry emojis] @ubereats [thumb down emoji]. Post mates holla at me," the rapper captioned his post.

Going by the timestamps within the video, the driver arrived at 10.41pm on January 27 and messaged the musical artist to let him know he was there.

After that initial message, Uber Eats eight-minute delivery timer began, giving the driver an eight-minute grace period to wait for the customer before they can cancel the order.

The driver could then be seen sending a few more messages, including the reiterated message that he was there and "Hello."

Soon after, the driver asked Snoop to "plz call not sure where to leave your order."

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At 10.49pm when the timer expired, the driver sent Snoop Dogg another message that said: "It's not a safe place."

"Yes it is pull up to the gate. The black gate [and] drop off the food I paid for," the musician messaged back. Snoop Dogg, who seemed frustrated, could also be heard saying things about the driver in the video, saying that the driver had "all his God damn money" and that he was a "punk m***********."

Some people who viewed the video understood Snoop Dogg's perspective.

But others believed he was at fault for not receiving the delivery because he hadn't answered the driver's messages in the allotted time.

They also came to the driver's defense because he followed the Uber Eats protocol and was free to leave after the eight minutes.

Another person pointed out that when the driver mentioned "safe place," he probably meant that he didn't want to leave it at the "end of a driveway".

According to Uber's website, drivers who can't get in contact with the customer "can follow the prompts to end the delivery."

Regarding the experience, an Uber Eats spokesperson provided a statement to The Independent that said the following: "We truly regret Snoop Dogg's frustrating experience. We have reached out to apologise and refunded him for the order."

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