Uber Eats driver left in tears over low tip, sparking impassioned TikTok debate

<p>The TikToker appeared emotional has he shared the realities of being a delivery driver</p>

The TikToker appeared emotional has he shared the realities of being a delivery driver


An Uber Eats delivery driver has posted an emotional TikTok where he revealed how he drove around for an hour to get food for a customer, only to receive a $1.19 tip.

TikToker, Smithson Michael who goes by the user “deliveryguy100” began the video sitting in his car. He was clearly teary-eyed from crying and had a mask hanging on his ear.

He captions the video with what he is about to discuss: “Cc: Y’all I wish who order Uber Eats or DoorDash understood what it’s like to be a delivery driver.”

You can watch the full video here.

“I just spent an hour driving around for $1.19 tip,” he begins, as he wipes his tears away. “Would it hurt y’all to tip us? Throw us $5?”

Michael added that the Uber Eats app only paid him $2 to pick up the order.

He adds: “That’s not even enough to cover gas, how am I supposed to survive like that?”

The delivery driver then explains how he is at risk of being homeless and is behind on his car payments.

“Everything fell apart on me, I haven’t been able to sustain myself, provide for myself,” Michael says.

The video has since gone viral with nearly 800,000 views on the app, over 157,000 likes.

Thousands of people have also commented, criticising customers for not tipping their drivers more.


“These food company delivery services were never meant for the driver, they were meant to make life easier for the consumer. You’re getting scammed,” another person commented.

Someone else wrote: “How do people not tip?? I always make sure I give at least 20 per cent”

“I scream at people who order food through DoorDash & such DAILY! But do not tip!! It is super weird & insulting!!” A fourth person replied.

While others believe that the corporations are the ones at fault for setting delivery drivers low wages.

“I always tip well but let’s be real... Corporations are to blame,” one person wrote.

Another person replied: “It wouldn’t hurt, and I always tip. But these companies are exploiting you guys and they need to be regulated.”

“Why does the burden always fall on the consumers instead of these corporations? I really don’t get American culture,” someone else commented.

A fourth person said: “Hate seeing u cry. I always tip but y’all gotta turn that energy to DoorDash.”

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