Someone tried to publicly shame this couple at a restaurant and it backfired deliciously

Picture: @selkcub/Twitter
Picture: @selkcub/Twitter

Jonathan was photographed with his headphones in, staring intently at his phone while his girlfriend Ray watched on from across a dinner table. What happened next can teach us all a little something about being judgmental.

We've all judged. Used to reserve our judgement just for parents. Now it's spreading to relationships. Shame on us all.

A nosey Twitter user @selkcub posted a photo of a couple in a restaurant. In the photo the presumed boyfriend was watching a video with headphones on his smart phone. @selkcub captioned this:

Homegirl.............. Leave him

No need for us to intervene, the couple had it covered.

Ray also replied with a photo of the couple.


The user @selkcub replied to Ray and brushed off the original post:

Since the initial exchange Ray posted the video of Jonathan which he had been watching:

Let this be a lesson to us all. Don't post stuff without thinking about it. And don't judge other people's relationships. You could risk being forever alone.

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