Steve Carell would 'love' Will Ferrell to joins the Minions cast

"Have you ever killed a man?"

"Do you have a secret second family somewhere that your first family doesn't know about?"

"Have you ever left your grocery cart in your parking spot when you went to the grocery store?"

These are the necessary questions that determine a person's level of evilness according to a nine year-old and a six year-old.

In a segment for Yahoo! entertainment, kid reporters Lyla, 9, and Luna Polowy, 6, asked Carell, 59, question about being evil in honor of his new movie Minions: The Rise of Gru.

In the film, Carell plays the 11-year-old version of supervillain Gru as he embarks on a journey of evil self-discovery.

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But the Polowy girls weren't convinced Carell isn't totally evil himself, leading them to ask some hard-hitting questions that have gone viral on TikTok.

When asked if he had ever killed a man, Carell laughed at the unexpected question.

"I have not," Carell responded after regaining his composure. "This took a terrifying turn."


Our kid reporters test #Minions star #SteveCarell on his evilness. #TheRiseOfGru

That was only the first of several intense questions. Lyla asked Carell if he had a secret second family to which Carell responded "that I would have to say yes" jokingly.

But it wasn't until Luna's question about leaving a grocery cart in a parking spot that Carell got defensive.

"I don't do that!" Carell exclaimed. "I do not do that, I may have killed a few people but I have never ever left a grocery cart where it shouldn't be left."

Commenters were both shocked and delighted by the girls' questions.

"Yellow dress has a career in investigative journalism," one person wrote.

"These kids should interview every celebrity," another person said.

"Man FBI recruits are getting younger and younger," a commenter wrote.

At the end of the interview, the Polowy girls also asked questions about several moments in Carell's career like if he "ever caught the Fox" in Foxcatcher or what it was like working "in an office" on The Office.

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