Steve-O from Jackass bursts eardrum after being shot with dog poo

<p>Steve-O of Jackass gets burst eardrum after being shot with dog poo.</p>

Steve-O of Jackass gets burst eardrum after being shot with dog poo.

Photo courtesy of @steveo/Twitter

Professional stuntman and star of Jackass and Wildboyz burst a hole in his eardrum—after getting shot in the face with dog poo.

Jackass Forever, the fourth film in the franchise, was recently announced, and Steve-O, along with original guys, as they prepare for new and improved stunts, chaos, cringy and gross antics.

For months, Steve-O has been dropping tidbits of behind the scenes of the show, such as making a Sasquatch suit with pubic hair, being taped to a van as people go up to bat and strike baseball at him, and having a doctor put a four-inch needle in his spine to paralyze him while he sprinted.

As dangerous and on edge as all of these instances are, the newest incident of ridiculousness takes the cake.

In a new clip posted to Twitter, Steve-O shows the moment where dog poo blew out his eardrum.

“One, two, three...,” Steve-O says within the clip as he’s counting down the moment before the blast. And before you know it, his face is plastered with dog poo.

It’s not clear what kind of gun was used for the stunt, but it’s safe to say that the poo hit Steve-O in the face with an immense amount of power.

As people around him gasp and shout, it’s evident that Steve-O feeling some serious pain.

Afterwards, the video shows him taking a visit to the doctor, who clears the spots of dog poo out of his ear before taking a look inside, revealing the hole in his eardrum.

“What you did was a stupid thing,” said the doctor with a slight chuckle.

People in the comments of the video were perplexed and concerned by what they had seen.

“Man, take it easy. We actually care for you nowadays; we feel kinda bad when you get hurt. I don’t think you need this content any more. You are more than that,” someone said.

“Ouch, dude. I hope that something you can recover from. I actually have to go to my ear doctor tomorrow, oddly enough. Hopefully, I don’t have anything nearly as rough as you do. Cheers, Steve,” another added.

In a recent interview with GQ magazine, just ahead of the new film, Steve-O admitted to concerns over the stunts to an extent.

“I thought going intoJackass 4, after everything we’ve been through, and everything we’ve built, all it takes is one stupid fucking accident to just erase it. Just turn it all into a negative,” Steve-O told the outlet.

“To be like, ‘Oh, these f***ing dumb assholes. What did you f***ing expect?’ ” he said. “But we went ahead and f***ing did it,” he continued.

Jackass Forever will grace screens on October 22, 2021, and the first official trailer should drop on July 20, 2021.

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