Woman who was bullied for loving cars now has 70 million followers

Woman who was bullied for loving cars now has 70 million followers
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A woman who was bullied by men for liking cars has had the last laugh after forging a career and getting over 70 million followers thanks to her hobby.

36-year-old Alex Hirschi owns the YouTube channel Supercar Blondie, which has more than 7.53 million subscribers, along with millions more on her Instagram and Facebook pages.

The car fan has managed to make supercars her career and gets paid six figures for social media posts and is able to travel for most of the year.

But, her success has come after a difficult period of being bullied for being a woman in the male-dominated supercar industry.

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Hirschi told The Sun: “I felt hugely judged in this space when I was starting out. I didn’t just feel judged, I was judged.

“I was almost always the only woman in the room at car events. There would be lots of whispering when I walked in the room and a lot of bullying behind the scenes. It wasn’t fun.

“Not only was I judged as a woman in this space, but I also wasn’t a car expert. I was talking about cars in layman’s terms so that we could all understand and be a part of this world.

“The car world was always so intimidating. I wanted to open it up to more people but it was a hard slog, to begin with.”

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Thanks to her perseverance and growing success, she was able to quit her job as a radio presenter and go full-time as a content creator.

Her drive came when she moved to Dubai and got to be around some of the world’s best cars.

She explained: “I have always loved driving and loved cars. Living in Dubai I got to be around some pretty incredible cars so my interest piqued.

“I really wanted to share what I could see here with the world and it just started as a hobby. But when I saw that so many other people loved seeing these cars as much as I did, I started to take it more seriously.

“Quitting my career, I just went for it to see what would happen.”

Good for her.

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