Sydney Sweeney sparks debate after fans spot her 'pirating' popular TV show

Sydney Sweeney sparks debate after fans spot her 'pirating' popular TV show
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Sydney Sweeney shared a snap of how she spends her free time relaxing in front of the TV rather than in front of the cameras.

In a recent Instagram story post, the 26-year-old actor took a photo relaxing at home watching her flat screen TV, more specifically it showed the credits of NBC's Law & Order: Organized Crime.

The since-expired Insta story got screenshotted by the Euphoria actor's fans and it was reposted on X, formerly Twitter where one user commented: "My girl pirating so real," which went viral with over 7.9m views, 207,000 likes and 10,000 reposts.

On social media, users have been speculating that Sweeney used the illegal free streaming platform, FlixTor, while others listed different illegal streaming websites it could potentially be.

"The way I know that damn site just by looking at the buttons below," another person agreed.

Someone else added: "I'd recognize that layout anywhere."

Meanwhile, the post also sparked a discussion on the rising costs of streaming services.

"Honestly can't blame her 'cause they keep increasing the cost of streaming services," one person said.

Another person wrote: "All the shows we want to watch are all on different streaming services WE NOT PAYING FOR 8 DIFFERENT SERVICES AND NEITHER IS MRS SWEENEY."

"This actually brings up a very interesting question. How many actors have to pirate work they were in to watch it? Because it's probably becoming a more common occurrence. Especially if you're a voice actor," someone else added.

A fourth person commented: "Even celebs feeling the need to pirate and not pay loads for all these platforms omg."

Elsewhere, Sydney Sweeney is set to become a boxer for her next role, and Sydney Sweeney's five most underrated roles.

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