Right-wingers think Sydney Sweeney's SNL dress 'ended wokeness'

Right-wingers think Sydney Sweeney's SNL dress 'ended wokeness'
Sydney Sweeney jokes about Ozempic and Glen Powell rumours in SNL monologue
Saturday Night Live, NBC

Actress Sydney Sweeney hosted Saturday Night Live last weekend and right-wingers think her outfit defeated “wokeness”.

Sweeney is probably best known for her role portraying Cassie Howard in the Gen-Z-favourite television series Euphoria.

The 26-year-old actress has previously been embroiled in commentary around sexualisation, with some suggesting that a photoshoot she did for Variety was for the “male gaze”. Similar accusations came amid promo for her recent appearance on SNL.

On 2 March, Sweeney made her SNL hosting debut, during which she wore a low-cut black dress for the final portion of the show. For some right-wingers, the attire was enough for them to conclude that “wokeness” is over.

Right-wing commentator Richard Hanania appeared to suggest so on X/Twitter, sharing a clip of Sweeney in the outfit and claiming: “Wokeness is dead.”

Someone else seemed to agree, writing: “Those give me hope.”

The post sparked a debate over what the post meant and what conservatives and liberals believe about female autonomy.

In the replies, one person pointed to a previous tweet posted by Hanania, in which he appeared to berate women for dressing “to attract men”.

“Oh I get it, you're one of those men that hates women you're not attracted to and then all that hate flies out the window when you *are* attracted to the woman,” someone suggested.

Another person wrote: “Mfers have been shadow-boxing with a concept they can’t even define. I can’t even remotely tell what this tweet actually means.”

Someone else added: “‘The woke liberal agenda is dead’ and it’s just Sydney Sweeney with cleavage. They just can’t be normal about women can they.”

Writer and actor Ben Dreyfuss added: “Conservatives keep trying to change the game here, ok? Libs never said women can’t show cleavage. We are the people who are supportive of women owning their own sexuality! Ok? We invented that.”

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