This man divided opinion with his Tesla investment advice

<p>Hands up if you had $77,000 to spend on a Tesla back in 2012...</p>

Hands up if you had $77,000 to spend on a Tesla back in 2012...

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An analyst has divided opinion with his advice to anyone looking to rake in big bucks.

John Pompliano, a media analyst based in the US, suggested on Twitter that if you use your money wisely, you can see big dividends.

Recognising people’s love of shiny new toys and the latest trending gear, he suggested an alternative to blindly snapping up hot items…

Don’t buy them, invest in the companies that make them, he said.

Simple, no?

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Citing Tesla’s electric cars as an example, Pompliano tweeted: “If you bought a Tesla Model S in 2012, your $77,000 car would be worth approximately $40,000 today.

“If you had invested that same $77,000 in Tesla stock, you would have over $7 million today.

“Invest your money instead of buying material things.”

His assessment, posted on Sunday, garnered more than 62,000 likes and 4,000 comments in two days, as fellow users debated his theory.

“You realise that if everyone buys the stock and not the product you have a problem…,” one user commented.

Another, expanded on that train of thought, writing: “If everyone who bought Tesla Model S 2012 bought the shares instead, the business may have folded for lack of patronage.

“Besides, [they] could have achieved that $7m with less amount invested in bitcoin. Have you thought about value/satisfaction derived from purchasing the item?”

Another wrote: “I find these ‘investment gurus’ laughably interesting.

"Don’t spend on stuff that’ll improve your life NOW, but do go ahead and pay that money to the company that manufactures it so that they can reap the benefits now, and you might get some more money later if you’re lucky."

And another asked simply: “And how do you suppose that investment would have carried me to and from work for these 9 years?”

Others were plain brutal in their assessment:

However, plenty of other users were grateful for the advice, sharing it proudly from their platforms:

Pompliano, whose Twitter profile describes him as the most interesting man on the internet, seemed to latch onto these more positive takes, writing in a follow-up tweet: “Damn, you guys really ran with this one!

“Follow me for more interesting data and facts like this.”

We think we might keep saving our pennies. Thanks.

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