Oscars 2021: All the best memes and reactions to the 93rd Academy Awards

<p>Anthony Hopkins pictured in October</p>

Anthony Hopkins pictured in October

["Getty Images for AFI"]

It all looked like the stars had aligned - the best actor award was moved to the last part of the night, leading many to speculate that a touching posthumous gong for Chadwick Boseman in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom was in the works.

Instead, Sir Anthony Hopkins won for The Father nearly 30 years after winning his first Oscar for Silence of the Lambs.

But he wasn’t there to receive his award, and didn’t appear via video link. There’s every chance he was tucked up in bed in a deep sleep on one of the biggest nights of his life.

One viewer called it the worst TV ending since Game of Thrones.

Others reacted with a mix of amusement and disappointment at Anthony Hopkins’ absence, which led to the Oscars ending on a bit of an anticlimactic lull.

These are some of the other eye-catching events and moments of the night, and how the Internet reacted:

Lakeith Stanfield’s custom Saint Laurent suit by Anthony Vaccarello

Lakeith Stanfield looked impeccable in his black ‘70’s style jumpsuit with white lapels, a prominent necklace, and high belt reminiscent of Kool and The Gang, The Stylistics, and many other classic Soul/ Funk groups.

The internet was really feeling the outfit, even praising the idea of not forcing men to wear the same “old” suit worn at most award shows. Here’s what they had to say about it.

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Travon Free and Martin Desmond Roe with Gold and Black suits

Oscar-nominated writer/director Travon Free and Martin Desmond Roe of the short film Two Distant Strangers came out looking slick. Free was wearing a Black tuxedo with black flower imprints, accompanied by yellow lapels with a gold broach, yellow bowtie, and sunglasses. Roe wore a similar ensemble. He was wearing a black tuxedo with gold lapels, gold bow tie, paisley yellow-gold pants, and sunglasses.

But there was an important message hidden inside: the names of the victims of police brutality, including Duante Wright, Breonna Taylor, Philando Castile, Tamir Rice, Rayshard Brooks, Stephon Clark embroidered in a golden font.

It was a powerful gesture, reminding the world of their names on one of the world’s biggest stages.

Social media was not afraid to say that the duo brought the style game to the show.

Justin Chang’s delicious Oscar menu

Film Critic Justin Chang had a fresh take on the Oscars list— by creating it into a menu! From “Da 5 Blood Sausages” to “Do Not Split Pea Soup,” the list might get your cravings going, as per the reactions.

Chadwick Boseman NFT tribute

The late talented actor Chadwick Boseman is being honored interestingly. He’s not only up for Best Lead Actor in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, but he’s also receiving NFT tribute in the Oscars gift bags. The Colon Cancer Foundation is selling the NFT to raise money for awareness.

Margot Robbie’s fringe

New awards show, new look, right? What look can’t Margot Robbie pull?

Ricky Gervais on not being invited to the awards

Ricky Gervais had a lot to say at the 2020 Golden Globes Awards, but he’s taking not getting an invite in stride, laughing it off.

Oscar viewing parties

Some people might be viewing it at home or at a friend’s house. Others might be going to their local bankrupt movie theater. Either way, as long we are tuned in, that’s what counts!

Daniel Kaluuya’s acceptance speech

British actor Daniel Kaluuya won Best Supporting Actor for Judas and The Black Messiah and delivered an amazing and spiritual speech. However, it took a hilarious turn towards the end when he said the following: “My mom and my dad...they had s*x. It’s amazing! I’m here!”

Spencer Althouse, the Deputy Editorial Director at BuzzFeed, caught a funny still of Kaluuya’s mom looking confused by the declaration, and we understand.

Mia Neal, Jamika Wilson, and Sergio Lopez-Rivera win Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Mia Neal and Jamika Wilson, and Sergio Lopez- Rivera received a well-deserved win in this category for the film Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. Neal and Wilson also are the first Black women to win this award ever.

“The nomination is validation that hairstyling is an art form, a craft, and a skill. It shows every Black woman or man doing hair that we can achieve, and importantly that our talent and skill is equal and exceptional,” said Wilson for Netflix Queue.

Viola Davis take a shot of imaginary liquor

Viola Davis brings in light-hearted realness by taking a shot of imaginary liquor. And she may deserve the Oscar just for that performance alone!

Tenet receives Best Visual Effects award —and the internet remembers an iconic line

Starring Robert Pattinson and John David Washington, Tenet won Best Visual Effects for its incredible action scenes.

Despite this, the internet can’t stop talking about this particular line (which was improvised!) in an action scene within the film by Washington: “I ordered my hot sauce an hour ago.” A little hot sauce always adds a good kick to your food (if you’re into spice), but waiting for an hour is such a drag.

Chuck Schumer watching the Oscars with a nice cold plant-based beer

New York Senator Chuck Schumer sitting down in front of a television drinking a beer is a witty reference to Larry Kudlow saying Biden’s green plan would mean Americans all have to drink plant-based beer.

Now, people in the comments want to know about finding meat-based beer. Let that sink in...

Riz Ahmed making sure that his wife is camera-ready

Riz Ahmed quickly puts the “wait for a second “ finger up and then proceeds to fix his wife’s hair. To say that it’s sweet is an understatement— it deserves all the swoon-worthy praise.

Youn Yuh-Joon of Minari flirts with Brad Pitt in her acceptance speech

Minari actress Youn Yuh-jung won Best Supporting Actress for her role as the sweet and potty-mouthed grandma Soon-ja. As she began her speech, she addressed Brad Pitt with joy and excitement to meet with one of America’s heartthrobs.

She became the first Korean and second Asian woman to receive an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

What a night!

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