Academy Awards 2021: Play Oscars bingo and look out for tears, drunks and Donald Trump dunks
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It’s The Oscars!

And what better way to stay engaged with the often interminably long ceremony, than by playing along with your very own Indy100 bingo card.

Simply cross off or circle each event or incident as it arises, and if you get five in a row (either top to bottom, or left to right), you’re a winner.

Print this off and tick events off as they happen

Jump into the air and shout ‘bingo’. 

What do you win? Well, nothing. There’s not even a prize.

I suppose you win our respect? But it’s just a game of chance and all you’ve done is draw crosses on a piece of paper, so even ‘respect’ is a bit of a push.

Regardless, if most of these bingo squares actually happen, we’re in for an exciting night of gatecrashers, Trump roasts, trips and falls, and fashion disasters.

Get the popcorn…

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