The Financial Times says millennials should be saving £800 a month but just 'CBA'

An article titled 'Why millennials go on holiday instead of saving for a pension' appeared in the Financial Times last week.

It appears to have gone unnoticed until today - probably because of this tweet:

Which is kind of begging for the piss to be taken, TBH.

The article says that Generation Rent are storing up trouble for themselves by not thinking about their long term financial futures - even though it concedes that to save £800 a month, you need to be on a salary of £60K.

It's been pointed out that maybe young people have other priorities.

Also, that saving £800 a month might be easier if we actually earned enough money.

And maybe we could source help from other places.

Someone asked the FT to dispense more advice.

Or pointed out they don't need a pension because of their risk-taking millennial lifestyles.

Others told the esteemed institution where to get off.

Maybe they're right, though. Maybe we are bad at managing money.

But then, there seems to be a lot the FT doesn't know about either.

Best of all, though, the FT has made sure that everyone - even silly millennials - can read the story, by dropping the usual paywall. How thoughtful!

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