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This Chrome extension replaces 'millennials' with 'snake people'

This Chrome extension replaces 'millennials' with 'snake people'

Whether you are a member of the pilloried Generation Y or just exasperated by twenty-somethings clogging up your office (or worse, what should have been your empty nest) chances are you don't need to read another think piece on what millennials are buying, reading, texting or Snapchatting.

Oh internet, how you spoil us. Now the dreaded m-word can be banished forever and replaced with the far more interesting "snake people", thanks to a genius new extension.


“Millennial generation” will accordingly become “Snake Person generation” and “Generation Y” turns into “Serpent society.” Best of all, "digital native" becomes "parseltongue".

There's a whole universe of word and photo swapping extensions for browsers out there designed to knock at the doors of perception in all the right ways: there's one that will swap all gendered words and pronouns and another that will banish Miley Cyrus from your browser forever.

We've rounded up six more of the best extensions for Chrome below. Using more than one at a time isn't recommended unless you really want your mind blown:

1. Literally

Attention language pedants everywhere: this extension is literally your best friend, because it will switch the overused and abused 'literally' for'figuratively' everywhere it pops up.

2. NCage

For those of us who just can't get enough of Nicolas Cage in every day life, now he can be every picture on the internet.

3. Downworthy

Even for people working in media, this is a godsend. Downworthy normalises Annoying Curiosity Gap Headlines, and you'll definitely believe what happens next:

'Literally' becomes 'figuratively', 'incredible' becomes 'painfully ordinary,' and 'will blow your mind' becomes 'might perhaps mildly entertain you for a moment.”

4. Jailbreak The Patriarchy

This extension genderswaps pronouns and other gendered words with sometimes funny and sometimes thought-provoking results:

From a Cosmopolitan article on faking it:

Eighty-four percent of girls in the survey said their partner had experienced orgasm during the last time they had sex. But only 64 percent of men confess to actually having experienced an O. That's a pretty major gap between perception and reality! We decided to investigate further and conducted a poll on Eight six percent of readers said they don't think their girl knows when they fake it, and 90 percent of fakers say they don't plan on telling their girl the truth. But delivering academy award-worthy performance in the boudoir merely encourages your girl to continue doing things in bed that don't get you off. And that's a damn shame.

5. No Cyrus

No more shall Miley Cyrus will never come in like a wrecking ball and ruin your day on the internet. She'll never stick her weirdly long tongue out in your online presence again with this extension that hides every picture and mention of her name.

6. Hey Girl

You could instead plump for constant Ryan Gosling. Hey girl. Why wouldn't anyone want to do that?

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