Dwayne Johnson, wearing a grey vest shirt, cap and face mask, has the coronavirus vaccine injected into his left arm.

Some viewers weren’t convinced by the Hollywood star’s photo


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has proudly shared a photo of himself getting his second coronavirus vaccine.

But some Instagram users aren’t convinced.

The actor and former WWE wrestler wrote in a post on Saturday: “Round two. Full tilt. Mahalo to … all our front line health care warriors here in the US and around the world.”

The attached image showed him baring his arm to the needle with his world-famous muscles on full display.

Yet, some fans decided that the snap was an elaborate ruse. And, in fact, the Jumanji star had been replaced by his stunt double for the shot.

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“That really doesn’t look like you in the pic,” one sceptic wrote.

“That’s his stunt double,” said another.

Other commenters claimed his eyes “look off” and raised questions about the star’s tattoos.

Johnson is reported to have used two stunt doubles for past projects – Miles Humphus and Tanoai Reed, who is his cousin.

And while both also sport tattoos , neither has the same design seen on The Rock’s right shoulder in the photograph.

Fortunately, scores of other Instagrammers weren’t sucked in by the conspiracy theories.

Big names including Chrissy Teigen thanked the 49-year-old for setting a good example to his 232 million followers.

Photographer Peter McKinnon commented: “Imagine looking this cool getting immunized,” and musician Naz Nokio wrote: “Killin’ it bro!”

Meanwhile, other viewers made were more focussed on the Hollywood star’s bulging biceps.

One joked it was “a miracle the needle didn’t break”, while another suggested: “With all that muscle they have to drill the vaccine into your body”.

All we know is, the 49-year-old is doing good work by endorsing Covid vaccinations.

He ended his post: “Step by step. Keep on keepin’ on #vaccination.”

Hear, hear.

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