The Rock has shared a heartwarming video showing his mother’s reaction to his incredibly generous Christmas present.

Former wrestler Dwayne Johnson surprised his mother, Ata, with a brand new car on Saturday, and shared a clip of her reaction with his 284 million Instagram followers.

The 49-year-old actor said that his mother was shocked, and “got a few good ugly cries in”. He said she was overcome with “pure joy” after her grandchildren joined her inside the car.

Alongside the video Johnson shared snaps of the special moment, which of course featured his dog Hobbs.

The video shows Johnson covering her eyes as two of his kids, Jasmine (6) and Tiana (3) count down and cheer: “Merry Christmas”.

When he moved his hands away to reveal the Cadillac, Ata couldn’t seem to believe her eyes at first. When it sank in, she gave her son a hug.

Captioning the video, Johnson wrote: “I’m so grateful I can do this kinda stuff for my mom, who’s had one helluva life. I don’t take any of it for granted. Neither does she.”

He added: “Merry Christmas ma, enjoy your new ride!!! And your Elvis records. We love you. You deserve a lot more.”

This isn’t the first time Johnson has shocked people with his generosity. Just last month, he stunned a busload of fans by giving them an impressive array of gifts before taking them to the world premiere of Red Notice. He also gave his personal truck to a fan during a special screening of the film.

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