The Weeknd might have scheduled the worst tweets of all time as Russia declares war

Putin declares military offensive on Ukraine

Anyone who has worked in social media will be aware of how useful scheduling tweets are.

Setting up a few tweets then clocking off saves time and allows you to step away from your computer. What a win.

But to put it mildly, this can backfire when world events get in the way and make tweets look pretty bizarre in context.

R&B artist The Weeknd may have learnt this lesson when he started hyping up a mystery announcement he was going to make today by posting a number of excitable tweets, spelling out the word "tomorrow", for instance, by posting individual letters, and saying "LET'S GOOOOOOOO".

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Unfortunately, as he did so, Russia declared war on Ukraine. Vladimir Putin warned other countries to not get involved while people reported explosions in areas in the country and the world reacted with concern and condemnation over his actions.

Here's a taste of what The Weeknd was saying at the time:

Yep. Not a good look. But fair play to him, upon noticing the war in Ukraine he decided he would delay his announcement:

But not before people on social media picked up on the chaos:

Social media: a complete minefield.

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