Jess Phillips and Philip Davies discussed International Men's Day on the Daily Politics and it was very awkward

Just a few days after receiving a barrage of rape threats for objecting to Philip Davies' proposal to debate an "International Men's Day", Labour MP Jess Phillips faced off against her opponent once again.

In a frosty five minute appearance on the BBC's Daily Politics at lunchtime on Monday, Phillips defended her decision to laugh at Davies' suggestion that male MPs do not have enough opportunities to speak in parliament compared to their female colleagues.

Davies, Conservative MP for Shipley in Yorkshire, argues that there is not enough debate around issues affecting men - including a rising male suicide rate and the low achievement of boys in school.

For her part, Phillips says that she did not "deprive" the men in parliament of a debate on International Men's Day but claimed that Mr Davies had failed to fill in the paperwork correctly.

I cannot say that I think there is a need for International Men's Day debate. I absolutely and I am happy and have committed to raising a debate on male suicide, on young boys achieving in school...

But that isn't what was asked for. What was asked for was a sort of 'well, the girls get one'.

But Davies, who spoke for 90 minutes in parliament on Friday to stop carers getting free hospital parking, was adamant that, as a keen proponent of equality, men should have the same things as women:

All I'm saying is, that in the spirit of gender equality, if we have [International Women's Day] every year in parliament, I can't really see what the objection is to debate the legitimate issues... to coincide with International Men's Day which happens to take place on the 19th November this year.

Which drew this look from Phillips:

But perhaps the best part of the stand-off came when Davies explained:

I always vote in favour of true equality.


Did you vote for gay marriage?


I don't agree with gay marriage.

Watch the full debate below:

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