These two tips could help you get on the road to becoming a billionaire

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Do you want to become a billionaire?

Like US business magnate and multi-billionaire Warren Buffet, for example. He's a post boy for capitalism – the most successful investor in the world, a gem of the American Dream.

Buffer has imparted plenty of knowledge and helpful advise to would-be investors over the years. To Ryan Hinkle, managing director of Insight Venture Partners, two points stuck out.

Hinkle chats on camera to US magazine Inc. about them. He describes the success of Buffet as "incredible and extraordinary," and underlines key notes to consider when pondering a move into markets.

The first is "invest in what you know," Hinkle explains in the footage. He says, for example, that if you were a waitress as an undergraduate, why not think about hospitality solutions?

Hinkle says Buffet's second note was to "invest in a great team". No matter how positive the area of business, it won't work if the team isn't working.

Here's the Inc. video for all your billionaire ambitions...

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