This dad wrote the perfect note to get his kids to clean up after themselves

Threats of being grounded just don't work on teenagers these days.

Fed up with his kids' sloppy behaviour, one Reddit user enlisted the help of another famous dad in an effort to get them to finally put their own dishes in the dishwasher:

labuzan, via Imgur

The note taped above the sink is a tweaked version of the famously intense speech from Taken, complete with a photo of Liam Neeson's character, retired C.I.A operative Bryan.

The speech has been well and truly memified over the years, but we think labuzan wins the trophy here by threatening to remove his kids' Wi-Fi and data packages rather than take their lives.

When the comments started pouring in, labuzan clarified that his kids "have their s__t together", but that doesn't mean they aren't messy.

Teenagers everywhere: you've been warned.

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