This girl scout's meeting with Barack Obama didn't go quite as planned

It's easy to be taken in by Barack Obama.

Not only is he the most powerful man in the world, he's handsome, has the voice of an angel, and plays a mean game of basketball - and one girl did literally fall head over heels at a Girls Scouts camp out on the lawn of the White House.

Over the last seven years the president has proved he's pretty good with kids.

Just recently he got down on his hands and knees in the Oval Office to play with the daughter of one of his staffers:

He's also a fan of tag:

And doesn't mind getting cast as the bad guy.

Messing around at meal times will win you brownie points in any kid's book:

And nothing says "cool dad" more than a fistbump.

Our favourite, though, has to be this kid, who couldn't believe that there was a president that looked like him in the White House. Obama let him feel his hair to check, and the picture speaks volumes:

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