Sarah Palin is not exactly known for her reticence.

But following Michael Moore criticising Clint Eastwood's polarising war biopic American Sniper she has gone slightly further than before.

The former Alaska governor, who this weekend told the Washington Post she was "seriously interested" in running for president in 2016, was pictured holding up a sign saying 'fuc_ you Michael Moore' in an image posted on the official Facebook page of US Marine Corps veteran Dakota Meyer.

In the picture, which Palin has made no official comment on, part of Michael Moore's name is written in cross hairs. She had previously accused critics of American Sniper of “spitting on the graves of freedom fighters”.

The picture was taken at an event in Las Vegas at a reception thrown in honour of army veterans. Palin uploaded pictures of herself at the event to her official Facebook page and her daughter Bristol also confirmed the image was Palin, embedding it in a blog post which she tweeted from her official account.

For those interested, this was Moore's tweet which sparked the outrage.

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