The internet can be a cruel mistress.

Open yourself up to a discussion covering topics such as immigration, Islam, feminism, even the sugar tax and you're likely going to be the recipient of abuse.

A woman from Iraq talking about moving to the UK, then, is a recipe for disaster.

One Reddit user claiming to be the description above took to Reddit on Saturday to ask about moving to Britain as an Iraqi woman. Indeed, we don't know whether the questions she asks are legitimate (we contacted her for comment this morning), but it's actually the responses that piqued our attention.

Lots of people replied - and largely, almost strangely, the answers were positive. Indeed, it's a shame that this outcome is worthy of mention, but it is, so there we are.

Here's the user's opening question and following queries:

I want to move to UK, I have some questions, I'll be grateful if you helped me.

How do people in UK interact with foreigners? Especially that I'm Iraqi, I gave up on Islam long time ago but I'm keeping it secret, so do you think I'll be hated there? I'm planning to openly identify myself as an agnostic there and I'll not be wearing hijab ...

Is it safe for a young female to live by herself there?

Is there's a chance I get married in UK (to a British man)?

And how is the relationship during marriage in general? Is cheating common there ( even after marriage?) Because I want to form a lovely family there x).

Here are a couple of extracts taken from warm replies. There are plenty more, and in full, on the feed.

From BoxOfNothing:

In the vast majority of the country nobody will care if you wear a hijab or not, or if you're muslim or not. Especially if you don't force it on anyone, let alone if you're agnostic. I have only lived in Merseyside but I can tell you for a fact if you moved here and made even a slight effort to integrate it will be greatly appreciated and if anything your foreign birth will just make you more interesting.

From TuffGnarl...

Generally well, we're an open minded country. Better in cities perhaps where I doubt your ethnicity would even be commented on. 25% of people are atheist, add in agnosticism and the people who just ticked 'Christianity' by default in the last census and I bet you'd be at 50%. Absolutely. Safe and very much just your choice. Cheating is not too common, it's frowned upon, people generally aim to be faithful, especially after marriage. Best of luck with your plans.

And from Loudshell:

I wouldn't be too worried, most british people are very happy to accept foreign immigrants who are willing to integrate into society. Yes, unfortunately, like every other country, we do have right wing nutjobs - however, they aren't that numerous. As for religion, you'll have no issue identifying yourself as agnostic or any other religious group!

Yes, it's quite puzzling to see such reason. And it's also curious that the user who posted the questions originally, SleepDeep999, later removed the detail from her question (the question remains).

We can't help but notice this comment from takesthebiscuit...

What is going on here? A new account saying she is an Iranian former Islamist looking to come to the UK to work and marry. All the comments have been supportive and welcoming. Are we being trolled by someone looking for hateful replies? I see the top level comment has been deleted.

If that was the plan, then it backfired because the answers are lovely nonetheless.

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