Woman reveals horror story of how she got worms from eating pre-packaged salads

Here’s something to put you off your lunch: one woman went viral on TikTok after getting worms from eating pre-packaged salads.

Via the video app, Jacqui Birmingham shared a truly grim tale about finding worms in her stool, which is bad enough, but she had to fork out a hefty $3000 bill to get rid of them.

In the first of three vids posted to account @Jquelly, she explained she had an eating disorder at the time and was going through a phase where she would only eat salads.

In the horrifying clip, with more the 10,000 million views, she shared that after a few weeks she started getting “really really sick”, was “tired all the time” and had severe stomach aches. This lasted for two months, she explained.


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Now, here is where it starts to very graphic.

It was after feeling the intense need to go to the bathroom that she found worms resembling “noodles” in her stool.

Naturally, she called the doctor to help her figure out what was going on in her stomach, which by her own accounts, was a cringeworthy conversation.

“They had to call the infectious disease doctor to look at my poop,” she says in the startling video.

Turns out the worms had a name: ‘acariasis’, which by google definition is a disease caused by an infestation. Yikes.


##greenscreen THIS IS WHY YOU DON’T EAT THESE ##salad##fyp##foryoupage##McDonaldsCCSing##tryingtohelp##dontdoit##parttwo

♬ original sound - Jacqui B

Following warnings from the infectious disease doctor, she says she was prescribed three pills to rid her of the worms — the pricey bills weren’t covered by her insurance and cost her $3000.

In the recent follow-up video, Jacqui couldn’t believe “so many believe so many people were invested in her worms.”


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♬ original sound - Jacqui B

According to Jacqui, the salad company offered her a free salad after her ordeal which she declined.

She also warned people to always wash their salads. Great advice.

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