Timothee Chalamet’s secret past as a video game YouTuber has been uncovered

Timothee Chalamet’s secret past as a video game YouTuber has been uncovered

Academy Award-nominated actor Timothee Chalamet’s secret past as a gaming YouTuber has been uncovered.

According to Insider, the theory originated in 2018 when a fan account on Instagram began uploading clips from Chalamet’s YouTube channel.

The channel, ModdedController360, featured faceless uploads that showcased custom-painted Xbox controllers. Though his face was not shown, fans were quick to point out the actor’s voice, as well as a scar on one of his fingers.

Chalamet casually confirmed in an interview with professional Fortnite plater Nate Hill that the channel belonged to him.

“I actually had a YouTube channel people found,” Chalamet said being asked about video games. “It’s YouTube dot com backslash ModdedController360, and I used to paint-mod controllers.”

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The channel is still live and only has three videos that were posted in 2010 by a 14-year-old Chalamet. The actor spray-painted the controllers and sold them for $10 each. Comments on the videos are disabled.

According to Chalamet, it wasn’t his acting career that shut the channel down.

“My parents were like, ‘there’s spray paint all over the house, you can’t do this anymore,’” Chalamet told Hill.

YouTube cheekily responded to the news with a screenshot from one of Chalamet’s videos along with the caption “iykyk”.

It’s a shame that Chalamet no longer modifies Xbox controllers anymore but the gaming world’s loss is cinemas gain as he can currently be seen lighting up the big screen in both Dune and The French Dispatch.

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