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Tom Cruise has been everywhere recently with the arrival of new blockbuster Top Gun: Maverickin cinemas, but people are now looking back at the uncomfortable interview he filmed 17 years ago.

Cruise was asked about Nicole Kidman, who he divorced four years previously, in an awkward interview with 60 Seconds host Peter Overton.

The 2005 interview saw Cruise tell Overton to ‘put his manners back in’ and shut down the questions.

Cruise and Kidman were married from 1990 to 2001 and they adopted two children together.

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When asked if Nicole was the love of his life, Cruise replied: “Peter? How do you answer that question?”

After Overton continued to press Cruise on the subject, the actor shut him down by saying: “You're stepping over the line now. You're stepping over the line, and you know you are.”

The reporter replied by saying: “I suppose they're questions that people want to know…”

Cutting him off, Cruise hit back: “Peter. Peter. You want to know. Take responsibility for what you want to know. So, I'm just telling you right now, okay, just put your manners back in.”

A second clip then shows Tom calling the interview “terrific” after it wrapped up, before adding: “You stepped out of line, I whacked you, we got on with it.”

The video has been viewed more than two million times since it was posted last week, and social media users had plenty to say about it even 17 years later.

The couple were married for 11 yearsGetty images

“When Tom Cruise tells you to put your manners back in, you put your manners back in,” one said.

“If I was Peter I would've left the planet for my safety,” another added.

One more said: “The multiple handshakes + direct eye contact is pure power.”

Overton later spoke about the interview during a 2020 appearance on The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

He said: “I just maintained who I am, and I didn't get angry. He did. And I just kept true to myself and said it's a fair question. I hold no ill will towards Tom. It was one of those moments.”

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