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Tom Ford, in an interview with GQ in 2004, said that every man should be penetrated at least once in their life.

The designer and film director told the interviewer:

Every man should be f**ked at some point in his life. You shouldn't force yourself to do it. But it's really not that different than having a massage.

When the interviewer said he was too repressed, Ford replied:

That's silly. Everyone should try it. It doesn't feel that much different. It's skin. You should do it with someone you like. Do it with a friend who you think is great. It's very easy. It's normal. You've never kissed a guy?

In an interview this week with the same magazine, 12 years on, Ford clarified his position on this facet of male sexuality, saying it provides a perspective and life view that many heterosexual men never experience.

In a more mellow and thoughtful answer, Ford, 55, who has now been married to his husband Richard Buckley for two years and has a son, said he initially made the comments in jest but that it's something he stands by:

I think it would help them understand women.

It’s such a vulnerable position to be in, and it’s such a passive position to be in. And there’s such an invasion, in a way, that even if it’s consensual, it’s just very personal.

And I think there’s a psyche that happens because of it that makes you understand and appreciate what women go through their whole life, because it’s not just sexual, it’s a complete setup of the way the world works, that one sex has the ability to literally—and is expected to and is wanted to—but also there’s an invasion. And I think that that’s something most men do not understand at all.

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