Straight men were asked to kiss gay guys for the first time to make a point about sexuality

There’s nothing quite like watching an awkward video on YouTube.

And what’s more awkward than a first kiss?

Absolutely nothing.

Six YouTubers, four homosexual and two heterosexual men got together and decided to make a video of them kissing.

The young men spoke briefly about the social taboos related to heterosexual men and physical intimacy.

The four men - Elijah, James, David and Brodie - had never kissed men before...

They decided to try it out, partially out of curiosity and to make a point about sexuality.

And then...

They did. They kissed a lot.

Did they feel the same way about their sexual orientation?

Of course.

Just because you kiss a man doesn’t make you gay… there’s no point in having hate for someone who has a different mind set or opinion than you.

Watch the entire video, below

HT Gay Times

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