Tom Hanks admits there's one role he hopes he won't be remembered for

Tom Hanks admits there's one role he hopes he won't be remembered for

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Tom Hanks has had an illustrious career to date, with his catalogue of film appearances including Toy Story, Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Cast Away, Sully and Big to name a few. He’s also penned a number of books but there’s one acting performance he hopes you’ll forget.

He shared his answer in his episode of Last Meals on the YouTube channel Mythical Kitchen in which celebrities get to eat what their last meal would be if they knew they were knocking on death’s door.

If you were wondering, Hank would go all out with a number of dishes: challah bread French toast with a sugar-free syrup; an In-N-Out Double-Double burger washed down with a Diet Coke; a Greek salad with calamari, avocado and pita with taramasalata; El Cholo’s Taste of History platter with a diet Dr. Pepper; and a white chocolate coconut Bundt cake.

Yes, he’d want to have all that food.

And as he tucked into the dishes, he was asked a range of questions from his film career to his own mortality.

Hanks shared more details on his COVID-19 diagnosis back in 2020 which worried countless fans at the time, noting he never once felt the disease could end up killing him at that point.

Tom Hanks Eats His Last Mealwww.youtube.com

He said: “Once they let us [Hanks and wife Rita Wilson] out of the hospital, I thought, ‘I think we’ll be OK’.”

But towards the end of the episode, he faced a number of quickfire questions, during which host Josh Scherer asked if there was an acting job for which he least wanted to be remembered.

Hanks replied: “It’s such a cheap shot. You have to understand, I’m gonna school you: every one of these movies are made in the greatest faith imaginable. They’re all a blast to do.

“Everybody’s working really hard, so to slag on any of them is to insult the communal effort that we all put in.”

He then added: “I’ll give you this one: throw up the circular from me on The Love Boat, my head in the circle.

“I did The Love Boat in June of 1980. You can have that one... I don’t even remember the guy’s name.”

It was Rick Martin, Tom. He was a friend of Fred Grandy’s Burl “Gopher” Smith - a crew member on the cruise ship Pacific Princess, around which the 70s and 80s TV series revolved.

If you’re curious, Hanks starred in the first episode of season four, titled “Sergeant Bull/Friends and Lovers/Miss Mother” – all episodes had three titles to denote its three distinct storylines.

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