Paul McKenna says you can find love using an Excel spreadsheet, and now he's 'LTD'

It's the new year. Which means at least 10 whole per cent of your Facebook "friends" list will have gone for a wintry walk in the country and only come back engaged.

Is it any wonder January 3 sees a surge in sign ups to dating sites like Plenty of Fish and

But here's a quick reminder: being single is more than fine. It's totally good. Probably just as good as being in a relationship and also equipped with the bonus of not having to share your bed with some other human.

However, if you are not content with being on your own, hypnotist and lifestyle guru Paul McKenna (of I Can Make You Thin fame) has a mathematical and not at all creepy tip for finding LOVE.

In a Q&A with the Guardian McKenna admitted:

I've dated a lot of beautiful women. A friend pointed out I didn’t actually like them, and advised me to make an Excel spreadsheet to find out who I really loved.

It came down to Kate [Davey, his long-time PA]. We'd worked together for many years; thankfully she felt the same way and now we're engaged. I feel I've learned more with her in the last three years than the rest of my life.

Alright then.

In sum Paul McKenna is LTD (living the dream... with Ryan Seacrest).

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