Why the government wants to stop Kate Winslet building a 600ft wall

What’s the latest film she’s promoting?

You’re more likely to find Kate Winslet up to her eyeballs in planning applications and trying to sweet-talk her local council than attending a premiere at the moment. The actress has clashed with the Government’s environmental body over her plans to build a 600ft sea wall to stop her West Wittering home from tumbling into the Solent.

Is that a real possibility?

Winslet, who lives with her husband Ned Rocknroll – the nephew of Richard Branson – and three children, believes it is imperative that a seawall is constructed to protect the 17th-century property from flooding and erosion. But Natural England has urged Chichester District Council to reject Winslet’s planning application on the grounds that the structure would have a negative impact on the birds, trees and wetlands that the area is home to.

What did they say?

“The proposal would result in direct loss of protected habitat and would be likely to have a significant, adverse effect on these designated sites,” a spokesman for Natural England said. And some locals have also expressed concerns about a public footpath along the edge of the estate.

Sounds like there’s quite a bit of opposition.

Winslet, 39, isn’t going down without a fight. Her planning document states: “The proposed privately funded sea defences will ensure that the existing vegetation and public footpath will be protected into the future.”

Might she consider moving?

The star has invested quite a lot in the house. The Grade-II listed property has undergone extensive renovations since she bought it for £3.25m in 2013. Planning applications submitted include an underground swimming pool and garage.

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