William Shatner mocks Elon Musk as 'the annoying guy in the group chat'

William Shatner mocks Elon Musk as 'the annoying guy in the group chat'
Elon Musk tweets that he is buying Manchester United

There is always that one person in the group chat.

Star Trek icon William Shatner looks atElon Muskas someone who "can't stop dreaming big" and is part "Thomas Edison, part Iron-Man, part annoying dude in the group chat."

These sentiments were made in The Daily Show's latest DailyShowography, which Shatner narrated.

It examined the technology billionaire's life, from his childhood in South Africa to his failures with Tesla, his outbursts on Twitter, and everything in between.

Musk, whose net worth is roughly $271.2bn began his "lifelong love of inventing things that already exist at the young age of 12," Shatner explained.

Soon after, he took off, developing and selling a "start-up you've never heard of to a company that doesn't exist anymore," Shatner said, referencing Musk's early bumps in his career.

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Shatner criticised Musk for refusing to stay in his lane as the CEO is known for expressing his opinions on numerous topics.

The legendary actor even said Musk's actions are "much like a Tesla on auto-pilot."

A clip in the background of the video also showed Musk hyping up Tesla in its beginnings – promising the future of full self-driving technology.

This vision occurred in 2014 when Musk expressed his confidence "that in less than a year" people could go from highway on-ramp to highway exit without touching any control."

However, the following clip showed a YouTuber testing a Tesla and said that the car just ran a red light.

The 91-year-old actor also mocked SpaceX for sending the first car into space after it made history in 2006 by launching the first reusable rocket.

Musk has been very transparent about the hurdles he has endured while trying to get both Tesla and SpaceX off the ground, and said that both companies were on the brink of bankruptcy.

In the words of Shatner, "Musk enjoys life's simplest pleasures, such as boating shirtless and spending a lot of time on Twitter."

"Twitter is not just a fun place for the billionaire, but a place for him to attempt to make the world better", Shatner said, referencing his October 2021 that said he would solve world hunger with $6bn only if the World Food Program can explain how the money would be spent.

Still, Shatner did praise Musk for building a future that humans imagined was only possible in films.

"And that's why Elon Musk truly is a visionary future man," Shatner concluded.

Elon Musk: Visionary FutureMan, Narrated By William Shatner | The Daily Showyoutu.be

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