Woman perfectly explains all the ways consent works
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A Twitter user has perfectly explained how consent works by listing phrases that mean “no”.

She wrote: “no means no, but so does”... a myriad of other terms, including “I’m unsure”, “not right now” and “stop”.

She added:

“If it’s not a solid yes, it’s a no. Some people don’t know how to say no. You should just be a decent enough person to know if they’re uncomfortable. Consent is important.

And on top of that, “no” is not an invitation to persuade them to say “yes”. Consent is non negotiable.”

Others then added more examples of ways in which consent can be withheld or retracted. These included:

Coercion is still assault!”

“Consent is the presence of a yes, not the absence of a no.”

“For consent to be given, you have to ask. Remember consent can be revoked. Doesn’t matter why.”

“Not saying anything is also a big no.”

“This also includes boundaries! If someone says, “Yes, let’s have sex,” and, for example, their condition is they only want protected sex, that condition applies in consent. If you cross their boundaries, it is not consensual any more.”

The thread was liked more than 450,000 times and was widely retweeted.

The Twitter user, @staarrgirllll, was praised for breaking the issue down.

Consent is important and so are clear explanations of how it works.

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