The woman who wrote that awesome response to a Tinder date who called her fat is crowdsourcing a book

You probably remember Michelle Thomas - and if you managed to miss her take-no-prisoners reply to the message a Tinder date sent her saying she was too fat to love, soon you might be seeing her name at the bookshop instead.

While the horrible experience a few weeks ago could have negatively affected her self-esteem, Michelle's funny and honest open letter achieved the opposite - it quickly went viral as thousands of people around the world wrote messages of support thanking her for writing the response.

Now, Michelle has been inspired to start a campaign called #healthyhappyhot against body-shaming in order to help other women tackle the way their bodies are viewed by society, and is crowdsourcing funding to write a book about modern dating and a "world that's afraid to look in a mirror":

Healthy. Happy. Hot. Aim for the first two and the third will take care of itself.

The book will also include chapters on self-esteem, bullying, and musings on the nature of attractiveness and happiness.

Our bodies are such an emotional minefield that talking about my own, frankly and honestly (telling readers that I’m 20 pounds overweight) with warmth and – I hope – a little humour has been viewed as an act of rebellion. We need to take the poison out of the statement 'I'm overweight' so that we can have open and honest discussion about our bodies, and learn to enjoy our bodies no matter what stage of the journey we're on.

Launched on Wednesday, Michelle has raised three per cent of the amount needed so far.

Find out more about Michelle's #healthyhappyhot campaign here.

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