Women are sharing the ridiculous things they've heard men say about their bodies


As women everywhere know, men aren't really all that familiar with the way our bodies work.

One woman took to Reddit to make sure she wasn't alone, asking: "Women of Reddit, what is the dumbest thing a man has ever said to you about sex, reproductive health, menstruation, etc.?"

The responses were...diverse, to say the least, and proved a lot of men have absolutely no idea what women go through.

See for yourself...

A guy in my year saw me buying stuff for my period when i was about 15 years old. He looked at me and muttered slut under his breath... unsure if he really understood what a period was???

Recently my aunt got cervical cancer. My uncle wasn't feeling well and thought he may have gotten cervical cancer from her.

I was told once that women should “clean out their vagina before sex in case there’s pee in there still”, obviously thinking we pee from the same hole. And forgetting men DO pee from the same hole.

Should note that we all received decent sex Ed at the time but most of the lads sat at the back of the class giggling and making rude comments whenever female anatomy came up so they learned nothing.

A friend told me that once she made a comment about having cramps and a headache to her boyfriend and he got all disgusted and said “Well can’t you control that? Like make it stop?”

Not the main reason she dumped him but I’m sure it didn’t help.

When I was 16 I had a guy friend put his hands on either side of my stomach and ask me if he squeezed hard enough would all of my period come out at once and be done with for the month.

My ex commented that my tampons were "huge"....Because he had no idea that there is an applicator involved..

To be fair, it was very endearing on a different occasion, when I came home after asking him to pick up a box of tampons for me and he had the little instruction pamphlet spread out on the kitchen table like a road map and greeted me with a dead serious "ok, so here's what we have to do!"

My best friend was having sex with her new boyfriend and unexpectedly got her period. She was embarrassed because they had just started dating, and instead of comforting her his response was to disgustedly say “am I going to get a disease now or something?” he’s an ex boyfriend now.

Not a female and telling on myself here, but when my wife was pregnant with our first child, I stupidly asked how old he’d be before his eyes were going to open (due to the fact that I had only had dealings with puppies and kittens being born at that point in my life). That was 13 years ago and still gets brought up whenever I get too sure of myself on any unrelated subject matter.

One of the nurses from work is trying to have children. During this process she had to inform her husband, who recieved his sex ed from a Christian school, that he didn't have a uterus and that they wouldn't get pregnant every single time they had unprotected sex.
My ex was convinced that he could consciously choose the sex of any children he fathered. He'd heard (presumably in some science class) that the sperm "decides" the sex of a baby, which is cool and all. But he got hung up on that phrasing and wouldn't listen to logic.
My SO thought that his balls got looser when they filled with more sperm and got tighter when they were empty. This was bought up after he said we couldn't have sex because his balls were too tight so he wouldn't be able to cum. I explained to him that ball sack tightness depends on temperature not amount of cum in the balls. He didn't believe me but I then said "you remember when you said "I can't go into the sea because it makes my balls feel like they are going to come out of my mouth" well that is because it was so cold they probably would" he promptly said Oh and we had sex and he came.

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