YouTube star exposes the double standards that exist over junk food and women

This is Meghan Tonjes.

The singer-songwriter and YouTuber has more than 200,000 subscribers who tune in to hear her sing, and she's got something important to say on how women are portrayed in the media, too.

Last week she posted a video weighing in on what has become known as #donutgate, a recent incident in which US singer Ariana Grande was filmed licking a doughnut and talking about how she hates America.

This was Meghan's way into a discussion about body-shaming and the media:

If I were 120 pounds eating a pizza in my underwear on Tumblr I would be 'quirky,' and 'cute,' and 'real.' But if I'm 300 pounds and I'm eating pizza in my underwear, people are like: 'You're killing yourself, you're disgusting, you're everything that's wrong with America.'

And the hypocrisy of body-shaming goes further than judging someone's appearance, she says. It can be used as an excuse to dismiss people's thoughts and feelings.

Every time a fat girl opens her mouth it's like, 'Go for a walk and eat a salad'.

Body shape isn't just down to diet alone, and instead of hating on people for what they look like, we should hate on our warped attitude towards food and beauty standards.

You can watch the video below:

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