This is what Yung Gravy does with all the bras thrown on stage

Yung Gravy kisses Addison Rae's mother at MTV VMAs

American rapper Yung Gravy has found an extremely wholesome resolution to his problem of getting bras thrown at him during shows.

The rapper, whose real name is Matthew Raymond Hauri, rose to prominence in 2017 when his song “Mr. Clean” become popular on SoundCloud.

In a recent TikTok, captioned “save the nip”, the 26-year-old performer revealed that during one show in Minneapolis, his largely female fan base threw a total of 159 bras on stage, setting a “new record”.

Yung Gravy said that, in total, he and his team have collected 678 bras that they will donate to women’s shelters.

The singer continued the clip, writing: “I’ll match the final value with a donation to breast cancer charities. So ladies, how much do you pay for a decent bra these days?”

The video, which featured clips of the stage covered in bras, has been viewed more than 5.4 million times, with over 1.3 million likes and 6,300 comments.

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save the nip

Many praised Yung Gravy for his “wholesome” act of charity. In the comments, people also chimed in on how much a bra typically costs.

One TikTok user wrote: “As if this man couldn’t get any more wholesome.”

Another said: “This is actually such a cool and fun way to do charity!”

Someone else commented: “Victoria Secret ones can range from 40-100 but a place like Walmart or other retail stores can be from 20-40.”

“Just when I didn’t know I could love Gravy more,” another said.

One person wrote: “I’M NOT CRYING YOURE CRYING.”

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