British people are disgusted by this terrifying Irish food item

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Wednesday 08 June 2016 14:00
Picture: Oli Scarff/Getty

There is an Irish food item that might as well have been plucked straight out of humanity’s deepest, darkest nightmares.

Meet the Billy Roll, an Irish staple food product and renamed in the UK as "Pork Luncheon Meat."

Irish people reminisced about their childhood...

But (mainly British) Twitter users christened it the Meat Clown. And it's not hard to see why...

Picture: Euro Goodies

Meat. Clown.

There's teddy meat too, just to give our nightmares nightmares...

The monstrosity product is made up of different processed meats, mainly pork, put together in the shape of a face.

What’s better than processed meat?

Processed meat with a face.

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