The viral video of a child shouting at 'Donald Trump' is our redemption

Picture:(left: Anthony Atamanuik, right: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump is being met with cross-culture resistance on an almost unprecedented scale.

Politicians, pundits, judges, LGBTQ communities, people of colour, the young, the old and everything in between are lining up all over the world to insult and chastise the POTUS.

But out of the mouths of babes, the despairing yet pithy insults take on a hilariously cute vibe.

This viral video features 'Trump' - or rather, one of the most famous Trump impersonators, Anthony Atamanuik of Comedy Central's The President Show, greeting Tax Day protesters.

A little girl was fooled by the consummate professional, however, and thought he was @therealDonaldTrump.

What happen next really got the internet's attention...

You're a disgrace to the world.

And the people, they revelled in its glory...

There was some dissension as to whether the little girl was part of the skit, and had been fed a line, but Atamanuik was quick to shut that down...

Atamanuik was impressed enough to send it to the real POTUS himself...

And he had a message for Twitter...


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