How to become rich and successful, according to middle-class people

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Wednesday 29 March 2017 09:00

If you’ve ever pondered on the secrets to getting rich, here are some hints, according to working class, middle class and rich upper class people.

The graph, uploaded to Reddit by user jupiter93, shows big differences in how people from different walks of life consider the ingredients for success.

They were all asked the same question: What are the main reasons of success?"

Here's their answers:

You can see that, according to middle class people, the highest indicators of success are a good education, followed by connections to the right people, then hard work.

Working class people meanwhile, think the biggest reason for success is connections to the right people, followed by ‘cunning and cheating’, followed by ‘presence of initial capita’.

For rich people, hard work is rated the biggest reason for success, followed by a good education, then ‘entrepreneurial spirit’.

The data comes from an infrographic uploaded to Visually.

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