This is how long the average person lasts in bed

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Saturday 18 March 2017 09:45

While most of us aren’t shy to admit we’re getting it, fewer people would be willing to go into the details of exactly how long they last.

But now, thanks to a new survey, you can calculate if you’re going at it for longer than the national average.

Sex toy company Lovehoney surveyed 4,400 of its customers and found that the whole affair lasted an average of 19 minutes, with ten of those minutes reserved for foreplay. Just over half of the respondents said they were happy with this, but 19 per cent of women and 23 per cent of men said they wished it lasted longer.

Nearly a quarter of all respondents said they’d like sex to last for more than half an hour, and two thirds said they’d like at least 15 minutes in the sack. We don't ask for much, do we?

The survey also revealed that couples have to make do with a “quickie” 21 per cent of the time.

It’s probably worth bearing in mind that the survey’s respondents, who were all Lovehoney customers, are perhaps a little more sexually liberated than Jane from accounts and her estranged husband Derek.

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