This is how your age impacts your body hair choices

Monday 28 March 2016 13:20

Almost half of all women under 30 remove all their pubic hair and the majority of men trim theirs, according to new research.

A survey by YouGov for Cosmopolitan also found the most popular "bikini line style" for women under 30 is the full "hollywood" (aka no pubes at all).

Interestingly, a larger proportion of young women remove all of their pubic hair (47 per cent) than say it is ideally what women should do (30 per cent).

On top of this women under 30 are twice as likely (18 per cent) as their over 30 counterparts (nine per cent) to say women should ideally remove none of their armpit hair, however they are more likely to personally remove it (93 per cent) than older women (80 per cent).

Those over 30 said they preferred the "standard bikini line", trimming some but leaving most of their hair alone.

Most young men either trim (45 per cent) or remove all (11 per cent) their pubic hair, while just 37 per cent of those over 30 do so.

Seventy five per cent of men over 65 say men should ideally leave their pubes intact.

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